Our competition is free of charge. All students from elementary and secondary schools are welcome to join us.
1.For participants in the ′National(Domestic) Competition,′ after completing online registration, it is necessary to print the registration form generated by the registration system and affix it to the lower right corner of the artwork. Additionally, before April 31, 2024 , please mail the artwork back to our association with the postmark as proof to complete the competition procedure. For overseas participants, if you are located outside Taiwan, you can scan the student′s work into a PDF or high-resolution JPG file with a recommended resolution of at least 200 dpi. Please email it to painting@taise.org.tw to complete the submission.

2.For participants in the ′International Competition,′ simply fill out the form on the event page, upload the artwork, and include a photo of the artwork to complete the process!
Instructor can be school teachers, art studio teachers, or parents. Contact information should be provided for the most convenient point of contact to ensure that relevant information is effectively communicated.
If you are a student in Taiwan or in an Overseas Taiwan Schools(non-nationality specific), you can register for the domestic competition. Other international students can only participate in the international competition.
One submission is allowed for each person, regardless of national or international competitions. If you have more than one piece of work, please choose the best one for the competition.
Sorry, considering the cost of shipping, we currently do not send prizes to international students.
To avoid multiple submissions of the same entry and potential disputes over intellectual property, all artworks submitted for the painting competition will not be returned. Participants who wish to retain their artworks are advised to make a personal copy before submitting them for registration.
All submissions for international competition are done through digital file links. You can:
1. Scan or take a photo of your work.
2. Upload it to a cloud storage.
3. Copy the file link and paste it on the registration page.
Not necessary. It is our hope that everyone can share their moments during the creation. They might be published on our social medias every now and then.
Winners will only be announced on the event website; no notification will be made to the schools.
The competition received over thousands of submissions in the past, as a result the evaluation process will take at least 2-3 weeks. The announcement is expected in mid-May, thank you for your patience.
Award/appreciation certificates will be available on the event website in mid-June. Please stay tuned to our announcement, thank you!