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To protect your rights, please read the below guidelines carefully.

Eligibility, Divisions and Formats

National/International Division Eligibility
National Competition
※ Only Taiwanese students can participate
Elementary School Division Students in grades 1-2 (Age 6-8)
Elementary School Division Students in grades 3-4 (Age 9-10)
Elementary School Division Students in grades 5-6 (Aged 11-12)
Junior High School Division Students in grades 7-9 (Age 12-16)
International Competition Elementary School Division 6-12 years old, born between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2017.
Junior High School Division 13-15 years old, born between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2010.

Submission Method

All participants must sign up online and submit your work before April 24, 2023.
  1. National Competition

  • The printed entry form must be attached to the lower-left corner on the back of your artwork. All artworks and completed entry forms must be sent via post before April 24, 2023 (Mon.) to the following address:

8F-9, No. 188, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., SongShan Dist., Taipei City 10571, Taiwan. TAISE-Climate change Painting Competition Team

  • If you would like to drop off your entry in person, you are welcome to visit our office between 09:00-18:00 (12:00-13:30 lunch break) from Monday to Friday. Please call before visiting to ensure our staff can be of assistance
  • For participants in the overseas group residing outside of Taiwan, please scan the artworks and convert them into PDF or high-resolution JPG format with the recommended resolution at least 200 dpi. The files must be emailed to:
  1. International Competition

When registering online, upload the link to the digital file of the work simultaneously. File specifications: jpg/jpeg/png/pdf/zip/rar, scanned with a resolution of at least 200dpi, and each file must not be less than 3MB and the maximum not exceeding 5 MB.

Standard for Evaluation

Criteria Percentage Description
Content Delivery 50% The content of the composition must be consistent with SDGs11, such as green transportation, urban waste, air pollution, community monuments, campus green space, green buildings, etc.
Creativity and Originality 40% Demonstration of artistic voice, originality, and imagination. How well the submission depicts the theme. All paintings and drawings must be original artwork of the participant without plagiarism or resemblance to other works.
Craftsmanship 10% The aesthetic quality, technique, and skill in the chosen medium, including strokes, lines, and colors presented in submissions.

  Submission Requirements

  • Students from Taiwan can participate in the national and international competitions at the same time, but need to submit two different paintings.

  • The painting shall be drawn on an 8K art-drawing paper (38*27 cm) and shall not be framed.
  • Participants may use watercolor, crayons, printmaking, ink painting, colored pens, or any combination of these on paper. Sketches, collage, and 3D artwork are not accepted.
  • The use of words in the artwork is strongly discouraged. Avoid posters and comics format artworks. Depict your imagination with patterns and images as forms of expression. For example, you can draw the painful expression of a sea turtle, but you do not need to add captions such as, “I’m in pain!”
  • No copyrighted environmental material is allowed (e.g. Water Conservation Mark, Green Mark, or Carbon Footprint Label)
  • Entries are limited to original creations that have not been published or participated in other competitions and joint creation is not allowed. Co-creation is not allowed, and it is strictly forbidden to steal other people's works to participate in the selection or ghostwriting.
  • Entries must not violate the relevant provisions of the Intellectual Property Law. Violators will be disqualified from participating or winning awards. If the violator is discovered by the original author and raises an objection, in addition to recovering the reward according to law, the perpetrator will be held responsible for the legal consequences for violating copyright, and the organizer assumes no liability for such infringements.
  • Please make sure that your artwork is well-packed so that it does not get damaged during the transportation process and affect competition results.
  • In order to maintain a fair and just competition, entries that do not comply with the individual regulations and any of the regulations in this document will not be counted, accepted, or judged even if they have been admitted to the preliminary stage (counties/cities and overseas group) of the competition. The participant will be deemed disqualified and any award, related personnel rewards, and the award certificates will be revoked.
  • Entries will not be returned. The organizer has the right to collect, exhibit, publish, etc. all entries, and will not pay additional remuneration or royalties for future use.
  • Registering for the competition means complying with the selection rules and the final selection results of the organizer, and no objection to the selection results is allowed.
  • The organizer reserves the right to make final revisions, changes, event interpretations and cancellations of this event.