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【 Exhibition】SDGs Asia

Caption: Exhibition Area
“SDGs Asia”, hosted by TAISE in the Taipei World Trade Center from 7/21 to 7/23, where the first exhibition of the “13th Climate Change Painting Exhibition” concurred, has successfully concluded. The exhibition displayed 64 pieces of the top three and merit winners of the National Competition and 30 digital pieces of the platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and merit winners of the International Competition, attracting a large number of enthusiastic participations of the public. Special gratitude to Longchen Paper for providing paper-made desk and chair for free, which gave the exhibition an educational purpose. Moreover, the interactive area provided the public a space for free creation, a voting wall for choosing the theme for next year, and an inner voice wall for children to express their gratitude to earth.

Caption: In the exhibition area, there are comments on this wonderful selection and video clips of the awards ceremony. Special thanks to Epson for sponsoring the equipment.

The exhibition not only attracted people of different ages, but also many foreign families stepped into the exhibition hall togethe; and therefore made the Climate Change Painting Exhibition reached it highest efficacy, calling on people of all ages to pay attention to sustainable issues.

At 2 pm, July 22nd, Saturday, TAISE hosted the opening ceremony, in which 55 winning students and their instructors of National and International Competition were invited. The site of the event was very lively,In addition to the gift bags sponsored by Dr. Morita, in order to encourage the award-winning students, the father of one of the award-winning students, Mr. Liu Shing-heng, generously sponsored 35 boxes of Newton and Windsor markers as gifts for this exhibition; at the same time, Liu’s father also specially created a batch of colored drawing paper for the use of the people on site, which were warm and well received.

Caption: TAISE secretary general Yeong-Ren Chen (Right) presenting letter of appreciation to Mr. Liu Shing-heng (Left)

This year’s climate change painting competition does not only attract public attention to sustainable issues through the art exhibition, but also introduces SDGs in Chinese and English on the wall to actively promote the integration of sustainable education with international standards. TAISE would like to thank all the partners and the people present and look forward to seeing you again next year and contribute more strength to the sustainable development of the earth.