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Award Ceremony for the 13th Climate Change Painting Competition

Caption: Group photo for the award ceremony of the 13th Climate Change Painting Competition

Organized by TAISE, the 2023 Climate Change Painting Competition hosted its award ceremony on 8th July with winners of each group gathered. The judges hope that the award-winning students can continue to maintain their original intention of caring for the society, and use art to drive cross-disciplinary thinking about the future of the earth. The award-winning students hope that through their paintings, more people can care about the environment and work together for the sustainable development of the earth.

    Ambassador Eugene Chien, Chair of TAISE, stated TAISE started organizing the climate change painting competition in 2009; and this year, collaborating with the national goal of net zero 2050, 'Lifestyle Transition' while echoing the 11th SDGs goal, 'Sustainable cities and communities', the theme has been set to 'Green Earth Designer'. He was glad to see that many students have shown their own homes through paintbrush and hoped that everyone can continue to care about climate change issues, and learn to adjust with their parents and other students, so as to drive society in a new direction.

    Chief judge Lung-rung Wu, Director-General of Tai-Yang Art Society, praised that many of the participating paintings this time show observations and expectations about their hometowns. Through art education, students can integrate their creativity, ability to utilize knowledge, independent and responsible attitude, problem-solving ability and interpersonal tolerance, and also cultivate the ability to learn new knowledge for life in the future. Judge Chi-Yi Chang, President at Taiwan Design Research Institute encouraged students that climate change and sustainable development are very complex issues. In addition to attracting others' care through beautiful paintings, we can also continue to learn relevant strategies in the future and solve them together across fields.

Caption: Chief judge Lung-rung Wu (Central back) and top three winners of national competition lower grade

    ‘You are all green earth designers.’ Ling-Yi Tsai, who orchestrated national climate change affairs as the head of Climate Change Administration, Ministry of Environment encouraged students that net-zero 2050 is a common goal for Taiwan and the world. It is also a major event that this generation of young students will inevitably face when they grow up. In addition to creating paintings, they must also lead their classmates to understand the importance of climate change and join in action. Shuang-Ching Liao, Senior Executive Officer of the Department of information and technology education, Ministry of education further expected students and families can respond to net-zero green living and sustain a passion for the environment.

    Po-Hsun Chiu, first grade student at Alian elementary school, Kaohsiung, who won first place in the national competition for lower grade with "Cycling is healthy and energy-saving", used his own and family’s experience of visiting the lake in Nantou and draw the beautiful memories of riding bicycles with his family. With the background of solar panels, windmills, and green roofs, He hopes to tell everyone that cycling can be used instead of walking, which is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also helpful in city cooling. First place winner of the national competition middle grade, Chen-Yao Lin, third-grade student at Yuanlin elementary school, Changhua, draw the giant Buddha in Bagua Mountain in his hometown, Changhua, added wind power plants and various living habits that are environmentally friendly and earth-loving, and illustrated the "Green Energy City, Beautiful Changhua" in his mind.

Caption: First place winner of National Competition Lower Grade, Author Po-Hsun Chiu

Caption: First place winner of National Competition Middle Grade, Author Chen-Yao Lin

    Platinum winner of the international competition for elementary school, Li-Ta Ou at Hui-Wen elementary school, Taichung, worried that the world is experiencing climate change because human beings consume too much energy and emit large amounts of greenhouse gases. He drew hand-woven classrooms and schools of the future, which not only have energy-saving building materials, but are also surrounded by many trees. "I hope that schools in the future can incorporate the concept of energy conservation and carbon reduction and become a 'low-carbon school'."  Jui-Chien Liao at Puzih Junior High School used a mythological style to show the "Save the Earth" project launched by green buildings, solar panels and wind power after humans destroyed the ecological environment to maintain the balanced development of organisms and plants. It won the platinum award in the international competition for junior high school.

Caption: Platinum winner of the international competition for elementary school, Author Li-Ta Ou

Caption: Platinum winner of the international competition for junior high school, Author Jui-Chien Liao
    According to TAISE statistics, this year's competition received a total of 5,916 pieces. Participants came from elementary and junior high schools in 22 counties and cities in Taiwan and 21 countries and regions around the world, including Taiwan. After the three-stage review of preliminary competition, semi-finals and finals, the top three, winners, merit works and selected works of each group will be selected. The top three and winning works of each group will be exhibited at the "SDGs Asia " at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 from July 21 to 23. In addition, starting from August, they will be exhibited on tour at the Taipei Metro Art Gallery (south side of Zhongxiao Fuxing) , Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung Zuoying Store.

Caption: Snapshot inside the event venue I

Caption: Snapshot inside the event venue II