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【News】2023 Climate Change Painting Competition Winners Announced

The winners list of 2023 Climate Change Painting Competition hold by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) was announced, showcasing a total of 413 works of students in Taiwan and 257 works around the world and all the award-winning works will be displayed online from June 10 and physical exhibitions will be held in Taipei and Kaohsiung later.

In line with SDG 11, the theme of 2023 Climate Change Painting Competition is “Green Earth Designer.”  According to the competition guideline, this theme allows pupils to familiarize themselves with their surroundings including campuses by the help from teachers.  By making connections to the local area, pupils may start to reflect on how to take the first step in making a sustainable city or community.

President and Board Chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) Eugene Chien said that TAISE has held the “Climate Change Painting Competition” for 13 consecutive years.   The themes of this competition covered food, forest, and ocean.  This year, “Green Earth Designer” gets align with the goal of Taiwan’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050 with “Lifestyle Transition.” 

Chien said in the process of painting, it is hoped that through the competition, pupils will gain a better understanding of their campuses and local communities, including the architecture, transportation, green spaces and hazard mitigation planning. They may also learn about the history of community development, or visit historic sites in surrounding towns, etc. With the help of teachers, TAISE aims to guide pupils to deepen their sustainability knowledge and encourage them to take climate action.

“We can explore our future together, but don’t need to be an architecture or a designer,” Chien said.

There are 5,916 submissions from 22 administrative divisions in Taiwan, and other 20 countries and regions from the rest of the world, TAISE said.

Those international participants are from the U.S., U.K., Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, and Nigeria.

 After three-stage reviews of the preliminary, semifinal and final, , the results of this year's Climate Change Painting Competition are finally made.

Being the Chief Judge since the 1st year, Ark Ecological Art’s CEO Yang En-sheng said that the theme of this year is quite close to the students’ lives and their creativity, brushwork, composition, and expression are fluent and solid.

“It is a difficult job for judges to select the best as most works were pretty good,” Yang said.

Another Chief Judge, Tai-Yang Art Association’s Chairman Wu Lung-jung said, it is great to see the students’ concern to the environment and solutions to local issues such as greening, traffic and buildings through their works.

Department of Arts and Design of National Taipei University of Education Professor Emeritus Lin Mun-lee said, she can see a better completeness from the paintings got more guidance.

Judge, Director of Museum of Contemporary Art Loh Li-chen said that she can see most students put familiar items around live in their paintings and used different thoughts and techniques via familiar art media to show them.

“All are adorable,” said another Judge, Illustrator Wang Chuen-tz, “there are lots of houses in paintings with various types, such as packed with animals, movable or surrounded by trees.”

“What else to paint besides polar bears?” said another Judge, Illustrator Croter Hung encouraged students to think more and draw something different.

President at Taiwan Design Research Institute Chang Chi-yi also mentioned, sustainable issues cover a wide range of topics, so does the expression of the paintings.

“We hope to find new solutions for the environment with other professionals from different sectors and generations in the future,” Chang said.

“We can see different local characteristics from paintings from places, such as paintings from Hualien and Taitung are full of ocean blue,” said Urban and Rural Development Branch of Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of the Interior Director Lin Biing-shiun, “we can feel their strong will to protect their homeland and It is anticipated that we can lead the students to care local needs and take actions.”

The 2023 Climate Change Painting Competition was directed by the Ministry of Education, the Environmental Protection Administration and sponsored by the following entities: Chung Tai Resource Technology Corp., Chung Tai Resource Technology Corp., CTCI EDUCATION Foundation, Taiwan Soka Association, Child Welfare League Foundation, The Merit-Times, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd., ARTCO KIDS, Taiwan Environmental Information Association, DR.JOU, Dr. Morita Group MORIBIO COSMETIC COMPANY LIMITED TAIWAN BRANCH(HONG KONG)

The award ceremony will be held on June 8, and those top three and winning artworks of each division will be exhibited in the “SDGs Asia” during July 21 and July 23 at Exhibition Building I of Taipei World Trade Center.  After the “SDGs Asia”, the exhibition will be moved to MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station in Taipei City and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's Kaohsiung Zuoying store in Kaohsiung City from August.