Introduction Intro

About The Competition

In order to establish foundational environmental education and enhance public awareness of sustainability, TAISE has been organizing the "Climate Change Painting Competition" since 2009. Now in its fourteenth year, the competition has attracted 65,352 participants from 43 countries worldwide. Through guidance from teachers, students gain an understanding of climate change and sustainable development. The competition encourages students to unleash their personal artistic and creative abilities, depicting diverse perspectives and fostering the ongoing cultivation of climate consciousness and action among the younger generation.

About Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy

TAISE, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting Taiwan's sustainable development in alignment with the world. TAISE continuously focuses on the core issues of climate change, sustainable energy, biodiversity, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through activities that include policy advocacy, international exchanges, rooted in sustainable education, organizing awards and competitions; TAISE encourages government agencies, corporations, universities, primary and secondary schools, healthcare institutions, NGOs, and the general public to collectively contribute efforts to sustainability initiatives. Our goal is to guide societal trends, expand social impacts, and advance sustainable development.

Registration Process Entry Steps


Online Registration

  • Participants of international and domestic Contests can both register online. Please register as a member before applying online.
  • Group registration is recommended for any group of 5 people or above for efficiency.

Print Registration Form

  • Participant of domestic contest, please affix the registration form to the lower-left corner of the back of your painting
  • This step is not required for international contest and digital artwork category participant

Send your work

  • Participants of domestic contest and digital artwork category, please mail your paper painting to our institute.
  • Participant of international contest, please enter the image file link to the registration webpage.